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Sunflex Partials

Sunflex Partials

Sunflex® Flexible Dental Partials

sunflex partial

Completely metal free Sunflex Partial

Prosthetic Arts uses lightweight Sunflex flexible dental partials to provide a comfortable, almost invisible partial with no metal clasps. They are the easiest flexible partial to adjust and allow for teeth and clasps to be added. Compared to other flexible partial options, Sunflex dental partials provide superior wearability.

  • No metal clasps – Tissue colored clasps that blend
  • Flexible, Superior stain resistant acrylic
  • Teeth and clasps can be added at a later time
  • Superior stain resistance compared to other acrylics
  • Removable, perfect for temporary partial
  • Can be used with combination metal


Sunflex Metal Combination Partial

Metal Combination Partial

Combination Sunflex® with Partial Dental Framework

The Sunflex partial denture can also be used with metal frameworks like our Vitallium 2000 Plus for natural looking partials with added strength. The combination of the cast metal framework with Sunflex provides enhanced stability while maintaining a degree of flexibility.